The BUSAC Fund hereby announces the 1st call for concept notes under the third phase of the BUSAC Fund Programme. The Fund is accessible through a competitive demand-driven mechanism and a transparent selection of the advocacy actions proposed by Private Sector Organisations (PSOs). As a component under DANIDA’s Support to Private Sector Development Phase III (SPSD III) programme, the BUSAC Fund III engagement is expected to lead to an “improved business environment through enhanced advocacy capacity of private sector organisations and creation of platforms for private-public dialogue”.

To achieve this expected outcome, BUSAC Fund III will be supporting private sector business advocacy initiatives through five main funding windows. The Fund is currently inviting concept notes under the following windows from eligible PSOs such as Business associations, farmer-based organisations, media houses, media associations, trade unions and other associations within the labour market:





GHC 80,000.00
(90% of total cost)
WINDOW 2 GHC 200,000.00
(80% of total cost)
WINDOW 4 GHC 140,000.00
(80% of total cost)

I. Window 1 - Facility for district and community based advocacy actions
This window aims at supporting district-based PSOs and CBOs to advocate the removal of district and community level business constraints to enhance the business environment. Advocacy issues to be supported under this window include land rights (especially for women), workers’ rights, discriminatory treatment of weak groups, non-delivery of public services and goods etc.

II. Window 2 – Facility for advocacy issues of national /sectoral significance and green growth issues
Grants under window 2 will support PSOs to advocate the need to address business constraints of national /sectoral significance, including green growth issues. The advocacy issues to be considered under this window must have a clear effect on the economic robustness of the PSO and its members. Support under this window will also focus on strengthening the capacity of PSOs to undertake evidence-based advocacy beyond the support of BUSAC Fund III.

III. Window 3 - Facility for the creation of public-private dialogue (PPD) platforms
This facility is aimed at speeding business reform processes and enhancing the business environment through the facilitation of the private sector’s collaboration with relevant government ministries, departments and agencies. The PPD platforms to be created may take the form of permanent or ad hoc platforms centred on sector-specific or economy-wide issues relevant to the Ghanaian business environment.

IV. Window 4 - Post advocacy facility
Advocacy grants under this window will aim at supporting PSOs to dialogue with relevant government agencies on the enforcement of agreed policies, laws and reforms. Applicants to be considered will be PSOs who have successfully advocated the enactment / review of laws, policies, agreements, etc. which need to be implemented by duty bearers. For Window 4, applicants should write their own concept note (not more than five pages long) using the following outline:

  1.     Background of advocacy issue
  2.     Outcome / achievements of previous advocacy action
  3.     Specific challenge to be addressed
  4.     Proposed solution
  5.     Target(s) of advocacy action
  6.     Expected final results
  7.     Planned activities
  8.     Implementation plan with timelines
  9.     Budget

Applicants applying for support under windows 1, 2 and 3 should download the concept note forms ‘A’ and ‘B’ and their accompanying guidelines from the BUSAC Fund’s website via this link:

Completed concept notes for windows 1, 2 and 3 must be submitted to by the close of business on Thursday 17 April, 2017. Completed concept notes for window 4 must also be e-mailed to by the close of business on Monday, 3rd April 2017. Concept notes arriving after these deadlines will not be accepted. PSOs whose concept notes are successful will be invited to submit full applications to be evaluated through a competitive and a transparent process.

Additional information about this call may be obtained from the BUSAC Fund Secretariat between 09:00 and 17:30 hours or by phone at 0302 780 178. You may also contact the Grants Officer, Mr. John Asante via or Ms. Edayatu Lamptey via For more information about the BUSAC Fund’s mode of operation and other windows of funding, please visit the Fund’s website at:

**If you are not sure whether your organisation is eligible or not, please send an inquiry to for clarification.