The Construction Sector of the Association of Ghana Industries has recently inaugurated a Public-Private Sector Dialogue (PPD) platform aimed at providing a participatory, inclusive and a structured approach to policy making directed at reforming governance and the business climate within Ghana’s construction industry.

The PPD platform is expected to be a permanent quarterly forum for top-level stakeholders of the public and private sectors of the construction industry to dialogue on pertinent issues confronting the industry. 

Supported by the BUSAC Fund and its development partners - DANIDA, the EU and USAID, the newly launched AGI PPD platform will be spearheaded by key relevant Ministries, Agencies and Departments and the Built Environment Professional Institutions and Associations. 

In his opening address to participants at the inauguration ceremony held in Accra on 6th September 2017, the President of AGI, James Asare-Adjei highlighted the huge importance of the construction industry to the growth and development of the country. Mr. Asare-Adjei also asserted that the government industrialization agenda could not be achieved without a vibrant construction industry, saying the sector serves as oil that fuels the manufacturing sector.

The BUSAC Fund Manager, Mr. Nicolas J. Gebara pointed out that there is the need to ensure coordination and interaction among construction-related institutions such as the professional bodies of architects, surveyors, builders and engineers in order to help shape a national construction industry policy and programme.

Mr. Gebara further stated that the BUSAC Fund will support AGI to establish a Construction Sector Public Private Dialogue (PPD) platform as part of efforts to help the AGI Construction Sector to aspire to become an active and vibrant construction industry mouth piece in championing construction industry development initiatives.

After inaugurating the new AGI Construction Sector PPD, the Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Atta pointed out that public-private sector dialogue platforms were useful initiatives for improving the business environment and competitiveness of the Ghanaian Construction Industry.

He further emphasized that PPDs provide inclusive fora for discussing ideas that would contribute greatly to the sustainable development of the country, noting that such platforms increase trust and foster good governance through coordination, transparency and accountability.

“This PPD platform is viewed as an additional but important building block that will broaden the consultative process in the construction and, more particularly, the road sector industry and contribute to effective decision making”, Mr. Amoako Attah remarked.

Hon. Amoako-Attah was optimistic that the newly launched AGI Construction sector PPD platform would help address the challenges facing the construction industry in general and the road sector in particular. The Minister also used to the opportunity to urge contractors to maintain high standards in the execution of their contracts. 

A Senior Private Sector Specialist of the World Bank Group, Ms. Kaliza Karuretwa urged the AGI Construction Sector to approach the proposed PPD platform as a sustainable process rather than an event in order to achieve clarity on what the sector’s main issues are, adding that the entire PPD process should be grounded on solid analytics and well established monitoring mechanisms for a positive outcome.

She added that PPD can be a valuable tool to bring relevant stakeholders together to discuss, identify, and prioritize the challenges limiting the potential of the private sector. She noted that once these challenges have been identified and prioritized, stakeholders can work together to propose solutions to the numerous challenges confronting the private sector.

The Chairman of the AGI Construction Sector, Mr. Rockson Dogbegah explained that the objectives for the establishment of the platform include the speeding up of construction sector reforms to enhance the business environment, as well as presenting a singular forum for discussion, collaboration and networking among construction sector stakeholders.

Following the inauguration of the new AGI PPD platform, an MOU was signed by the Minister of Road and Highways, the Minister of Business Development, Representatives of the National Development Planning Commission and the private sector representative participating at the forum.