The Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund is a programme set up to strengthen the advocacy capacity of private sector business groups and associations in Ghana. The Fund is accessible through a competitive demand-driven mechanism and is supported by DANIDA (Lead Development Partner), European Union and USAID. The third phase of the BUSAC Fund builds upon the experiences gained from previous phases (BUSAC I & II) and is aimed at further improving the business environment in Ghana to facilitate private sector growth.

Business Development Facility (Window 5)

The Private Sector has often been described as the engine of growth for most developing countries. Despite this potential, many enterprises, especially smaller ones, lack the capacity to take advantage of emerging business opportunities. Window 5 of BUSAC III is a facility reserved to strengthen the capacity of Private Sector Organizations (PSOs) and Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) to facilitate the provision of business development services (BDS) to their members in response to improvements in the business environment following successful advocacy campaigns. The facility will finance BDS modules and topics within the BUSAC Fund’s priority areas of Sustainable Agriculture, Trade, Cost of Doing Business, Green Growth and Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA). Window 5 is a matching grant facility, hence the maximum grant size is Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS50,000), constituting 80% of the total eligible cost of the BDS training. The applicant is expected to contribute the remaining 20% of the total cost.


Call for Applications

The BUSAC Fund hereby announces the 1st Call for Applications under Window 5 for private sector and farmer based organizations. The Fund will consider applications on BDS modules and topics that will improve the competitiveness and growth potentials of the organization. 

To be eligible for support under Window 5, the applicant must have the following: 

1.   Be a Private Sector Organization such as a business association, a farmer-based organisation, 

     a trade union or other association within the labour market;

2.  Be Registered at the Registrar General’s Department or District Assembly;

3.   Must have the managerial capacity to manage the grant contract and its reporting systems;

4.   Must have a strategy for continuity and sustainability.  

Interested organizations  should complete the online Window 5 application forms available on the Fund’s website via this link: Alternatively, applicants can download the BDS application forms and their accompanying guidelines from the BUSAC Fund’s website via this link: Applicants can then submit the completed BDS application forms to The deadline for the completion of the application forms is close of business on Monday 11th June, 2018.  Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Additional information may be obtained from the BUSAC Fund Secretariat from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00 pm by phone on 0302 780 178 or via e-mail to the BDS Specialist, Jonathan Lanidune, Please send  inquiries to for further clarification.