The Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund has become the first organization to be officially inducted into the Hall of fame of the Small and Medium Enterprise Ghana Awards (SMEGA). The SMEGA Hall of fame award was given to the BUSAC Fund in recognition of the Fund’s contribution towards strengthening the advocacy capacity of private sector groups and associations in Ghana.

Having already won the SME Agency award on three previous occasions, the BUSAC Fund received the SMEGA Hall of Fame Award at the 2018 SMEGA Awards night, which was held on 27th September, 2018 at the Accra International conference Centre, Accra. 

The organizers of the 5th annual SMEGA awards ceremony honoured the BUSAC Fund for playing a prominent and proactive role in improving the business environment through support for private sector business advocacy, promotion of private-public sector dialogue, as well as providing solutions that enhanced the competitiveness of the Ghanaian private sector.

In a citation given in honour of the Fund, the organizers of the SMEGA award stated: “The Fund, indubitably is unanimously recognized by the business community as one of the most brilliant interventions that has contributed to strengthening the advocacy capacity of private sector business groups and associations in Ghana. This initiative has helped in the creation of jobs to address unemployment, one of the major banes to Ghana’s economic and social growth.”

Throughout the past twelve years, the BUSAC Fund demonstrated its commitment to private sector growth by providing support to business associations to advocate on key business policy issues of national importance.

The SME Agency Award is usually bestowed on corporations and institutions such as Statutory Bodies, NGOs, Service providers or facilitators which have contributed significantly to the promotion and development of SMEs and the Ghanaian private sector.

The BUSAC Fund Secretariat and its Steering Committee share this noble achievement with its Development Partners - DANIDA, USAID, and the EU.