Application Process

Market Place: People who are looking for expertise (your expertise!)

The purpose of the market place is to provide a platform where potential applicants who are seeking help and Service Provider and other Private Sector operators who can help interact to solve the problems and thus submit quality application for funding or to implement actions.

The objective of this "market place" is about providing visibility for future possible Actions, easier identification of relevant expertise, better Applications and Actions.

In order to preserve the confidentiality and ownership of the project by the initiator , a short summary of the intended Action and the requested help is made available on BUSAC Fund Web site (the enquirer have to present their request on the template to be downloaded here..)

Anyone interested in getting in touch with the initiator has to send an email to BUSAC Fund (

Busac Fund will quickly check the viability of the proposal and send it back to the initiator after it has been assessed.

The initiator is free to manage the proposal the way he deems fit. In such a case, the Service Provider gets in touch with initiator of the proposal directly for negotiation, etc. The BUSAC fund facilitates the initial interaction between the initiator of the proposal and Service Provider. The two then assume full responsibility for their interaction. The result of this facilitation by BUSAC is to receive better Applications and Actions.

Existing request

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Requests to improve other (non-advocacy or none-eligible) Actions

This is to give visibility to initiator of the proposed actions who need to source expertise or support to improve the quality of the proposed action.

Here also potential service providers.

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