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Grantees Funded under BUSAC Fund Phase I
Name of Applicant : Skyy Power Fm
Title of Action : Regulaization of Small Scale Mining & Protection of Mining Companies in Western Region
Sector : Media
Geographical Area : Western
Action ID : # 4-045 SKYY
Action Score : 65%
Total cost of Action : ¢662,343,012
BUSAC's % of Total cost : 90%
Self Financed : 10%
Action Duration : 6 months
Support from Outreach Facility : ¢0
Summary of the proposed Action : Need for Action
First mining Communities are in violent confrontation with mining companies and the government over right to mining concessions. This therefore threatens the huge investment in the mining sector and their business activities. Secondly, unregularize operations of the small scale miners popularty referred to as "galamsey workers".

Proposed Solution
1. Attitudinal change of the youth towards the miners or mining communities.

2. Regularization of the small scale operations by the government agencies to ensure the sustainability of their business activities.

Implementation Plan
Diagnostic study of the constraints
Drafting of Technical Solution
Sensitization workshop with Small Scale Miners
Advocacy Workshop with Tradition Authorities / Community Leaders
Dialogue and Advocacy Seminar with Government Agencies
Negotiation with stakeholders (Governments Agencies / Community Leaders Media Advocacy)

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