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Grantees Funded under BUSAC Fund Phase I
Name of Applicant : Nyame Na Aye Women Kente Sellers Association
Title of Action : Gender equality in Kente weaving
Sector : Business
Geographical Area : Ashanti
Action ID : # 1-26 NNAWAKSA
Action Score : 69.5%
Total cost of Action : ¢22,074,250
BUSAC's % of Total cost : 90%
Self Financed : 10%
Action Duration : 3 months
Support from Outreach Facility : ¢2,207,425
Summary of the proposed Action : (a) The need, or the constraint to alleviate
The relegation of women into the background of the main Kente weaving industry which is the main source of income for the people in the locality.

(b) The proposed solution to the identified need or constraint your achievement
Women will actively participate in both the Kente weaving and selling to improve upon their income levels and to contribute to decision making both at the domestic level and national level.

(c) The implementation plan to achieve the solution your Action
1. The organization of all active women in the Bonwire Township.
2. The organization of workshops to sensitize the women on gender equality and women empowerment
3. Gathering support of the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs, the Ghana National Commission on Women and Children Affairs.

(d) The expected impact(s) of the advocacy Action (i.e. the effects of the result(s) achieved by your Action).
4. Women will come together as a group to articulate and find solutions to their own problems
5. Women will take up the challenge to join their men folk in the mainstream Kente weaving as a way of employment.
6. The income level of women will go up to be able to support their family.
7. The women can actively participate in decision making at home.
8. The myth and superstition surrounding women participation in Kente weaving will be removed.

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