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Grantees Funded under BUSAC Fund Phase I
Name of Applicant : Obuasi Municipal Artisans Co-Operative Small-Scale Mining Operators Society
Title of Action : Advocacy to legalize informal small scale mining
Sector : Business
Geographical Area : Ashanti
Action ID : # 1-17 OMAC-SSM
Action Score : 67%
Total cost of Action : ¢83,439,400
BUSAC's % of Total cost : 90%
Self Financed : 10%
Action Duration : 6 months
Support from Outreach Facility : ¢8,343,940
Summary of the proposed Action : (a) The need, or the constraint to alleviate
Small-scale miners at Obuasi have no licence and concessions to operate

(b) The proposed solution to the identified need or constraint your achievement
1. Study of the small-scale mining operations
2. Negotiate with Government to regularize operations and give licence and concession for operations

(c) The implementation plan to achieve the solution your Action
Over a seven-month period the association will carry out the following activities to achieve the objectives:

  • Commission a mining industry expert to carry out a study of small-scale mining in Ashanti and Western regions of Ghana, and online study of similar operations in South Africa, Senegal and India
  • Engage in radio panel discussion to educate our members and to seek the sympathy of the Obuasi community
  • Negotiate with the Minister in charge of Mines to secure licence and concessions.
  • (d) The expected impact(s) of the advocacy Action (i.e. the effects of the result(s) achieved by your Action).
    1. The operations of the small-scale miners at Obuasi will add to the national gold output
    2. Engagement in their chosen occupation will give employment and means of livelihood to ourselves and our dependants

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