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Grantees Funded under BUSAC Fund Phase I
Name of Applicant : Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC)
Title of Action : The New Labour Law: a potential to understand
Sector : Labour
Geographical Area : Greater Accra
Action ID : # 0-16
Action Score : 88.5%
Total cost of Action : ¢701,790,000
BUSAC's % of Total cost : 90%
Self Financed : 10%
Action Duration : 13 months
Support from Outreach Facility : ¢-
Summary of the proposed Action : The need for Action
Workers and Ghanaians as a whole are not fully aware of the roles played by the TUC and its affiliates; they are not educated to understand which implications may arise from various actions; and they are also not well educated about their rights and responsibilities. This problem does not create the right industrial atmosphere that will provide the enabling environment for increased investments and thereby employment generation. Thus, TUC sees it as a social responsibility to promote industrial harmony through increased education of the entire membership.

The proposed solution to the identified need,
The overall objective of the action is to enlighten the membership and the Ghanaian public through weekly radio education programmes in English with a possibility to raise questions in the local languages. This solution is cost effective in terms of numbers that could be reached with information through the radio. Besides efforts to give knowledge and information to members in the classroom is constrained by the age-old problem of illiteracy or semi-illiteracy in the country.

The implementation plan
The first two-three months will be used for a workshop to reach a common understanding of the task, for development of background papers and for meetings with GBC to develop the programmes in details. After that the radio programmes will take off with weekly programmes broadcast from Accra through all the Regional FM stations discussed at phone-in sessions in all regions. Midway there will be an evaluation

The expected impact of the advocacy action.
The programmes are expected to lead to improved management of disputes at the workplace. With an improved dialogue at the base it is also expected that TUC and its affiliates will be more self-reliant in suggesting new rules, legislation etc.

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