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Accra, 6th February 2012: A delegation from the Rotary Club of Accra Airport, together with two top US environmentalists, Laura Turner Seydel and Barbara Pyle, has paid a visit to the Head office of Zoomlion Ghana Limited as well as their Accra Compost and Recycling Plant. Led by the Club's President, Kwasi Atuah, the team was joined by members of the Planeteers Movement of Ghana, an environmental advocacy group.

Welcoming the group, Mrs. Florence Larbi, the Managing Director of Zoomlion Ghana, expressed her appreciation to the Rotary Club of Accra Airport for making time to visit the facility. She congratulated them for their immense efforts towards promoting a sustainable environment. “Rotary Club of Accra Airport is doing a great job and I would like to commend you for your efforts over the years. It is such self help initiatives from organizations such as yours as well as the contributions of individuals who are passionate about the environment, that we need in Ghana, to win the war on poor sanitation”, she said.

The visit by the Rotary Club of Accra Airport Zoomlion is part of their efforts to strengthen the collaboration between the two bodies. The team also visited Zoomlion's Accra Compost and Recycling Plant at Adjen Kotoku, where they were taken on a tour of the facility.

President of the Rotary Club of Accra Airport, Vivian Abbey, stated in her remarks, that this year, environmental issues would be prominent on their agenda. She also expressed the hope of the Club to collaborate more with Zoomlion in their environmental drives. “It is our aim as a club to enhance the livelihood of the communities in which we have presence. Key in this drive is undertaking hands-on initiatives like we are doing tomorrow. We are entering the Klefe community to undertake a deworming exercise, and education campaign on the need to keep the environment clean to prevent avoidable complications. We are also launching our foundation tomorrow. Through this new arm, will pursue more of such initiatives”, she noted.

The Rotary Club of Accra Airport which turned a decade old last year, has embarked on several life-impacting projects like the provision of pacemaker for needy heart patients, provision of library, bio-toilets and gate for school at Kpehe and mechanized boreholes at the Maternity Block at Korle-Bu & Pantang Hospitals, and Dzorwulu Special School.

Source: GNA

Date Updated: Tuesday | February 7, 2012

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