• The CEFE TOT has been a great success and many thanks to BUSAC Fund, GIZ and the trainers for a wonderful job done. I have had an opportunity to have similar training eight years ago organized by another organisation. However the CEFE one is exceptional. The learning experience has been wonderful and I can confidently say that I am ready to go out there and be a much better facilitative trainer. Thanks again BUSAC Fund !! - Bertha Gakor, Advocacy Trainer
  • Sure, the CEFE Training programme was lots and lots of surprises and experiences that erase stereotypes. It defies the conventional knowledge and ways of doing things in a more effective and participatory way. There were lots and lots of energizers that keep the excitement and energy levels very high, as well as practical but mind boggling exercises that help one put up the thinking cup and think out of the box. I recommend CEFE to anybody that really mean to make some progress in life. Ambrose Yennah, Business Advocacy Trainer, Accra
  • Most of the past training programmes I've attended seem to have emphasized the theoretical or lecture style of training. But this CEFE training programme encourages the use of practical learning methods, as it trains me to "learn by doing". It has been a great experience so far, and I commend BUSAC Fund for making all these possible. – Justine Naana Mensah, Business Service Provider.
  • The CEFE Training encourages the use of drama and other practical learning methods to impart ideas to trainees. This method of training is excellent for me, considering the fact that I always have to train associations with weak learning capacities. Definitely, this CEFE training workshop is worth all the time and money I've spent, as it will go a long way to enhance my training skills. BUSAC Fund did a great job by bringing this valuable set of skills within our reach. – Steve Ahedor, Service Provider.
  • So far, all the trainers have been highly motivated to participate in this training programme. I particularly admire their energy and zeal to learn new skills; and their performance has been very encouraging. However, quite a number of them still need to be more forthcoming when it comes to self and peer criticism. I must say that BUSAC Fund's support in the entire programme has also been excellent so far. – Marlinde E. Baerenz, Senior CEFE Advisor
  • “However with the immense support of the BUSAC Fund within the past three years, our association has been re-energized and we now stand more united than before. There is a renewed interest and zeal among our members, and today we can walk into the DCE’s office as a recognized institution to tell him about our problems,” – President, Yeji Cooperative Fish Processing and Marketing Society (Grant #22-218 CFA Yeji); March 29, 2012.
  • "We really enjoyed our visit to BUSAC and being in Accra. The experience was refreshing and inspiring with you, your team, the PSOs visited and all your business partners. We particularly enjoyed spending time with each of your team members and found them knowledgeable, insightful and very inspiring for our program. Receive our heartfelt gratitude for making time for us and so meticulously planning the program for all six of us." - Mary Githinji, Development Advisor, Best-AC, Tanzania on May 28th 2012.
  • “I am taking this opportunity to thank BUSAC Fund for making my study tour successful. Your fast response and wonderful help led me towards the success of my tour. I do also remember your kind approach. Please keep up. Thank you again for your excellent cooperation.” – Mr. Angelo G. M. Luhala, Administrative & Training Director, Rulu Arts Promoters, Tanzania; May 28th, 2012.
  • “On behalf of the Executives and Members of the Sekondi / Takoradi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I wish to thank you for the opportunity to visit Trinidad and Tobago on a study tour to have a firsthand appreciation of Local Content in the Trinidadian context.” – Mr. Ato Van-Ess, Chairman, Sekondi / Takoradi Chamber of Commerce and Industry; May 21st, 2012.
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