Grantees Funded under BUSAC Fund Phase I

Since the inception of the BUSAC Fund, 362 grantees have so far received grants totaling GH¢11.5 million in all the 130 districts of Ghana between 2004 - 2009. 82 grantees (22.65% of the total number of grantees) have benefited from the outreach facility which gives weak associations the opportunity to access grants from BUSAC Fund.

No. Already Funded Actions
  1. Ahu Foodcrops Outgrowers Association (Business)

    Enhancing women's property rights in securitization of farmland entitlement

  1. Amokwaw Community Resources Management Area (Business)

    Documentation of Farmland around the Ankasa Protected Area

  1. Ampem Darko Radio Station (Media)

    Action for Tourism Sector Development in Kintampo

  1. Asafo Market Cooperative Maize Producing & Marketing Society (Business)

    Advocacy for storage facilities to curb post-harvest

  1. Association of African Entrepreneurs (Business)

    Promting the use of ICT in pro-Private Sector reforms

  1. Association of Ghana Industries (Business)

    Advocacy for Protection of Ghanaian Industries

  1. Association of Rural Banks, Ghana (Business)

    Advocacy for the Review of the Banking Act 2004, Act 673

  1. Association of Sand and Stone, GPRTU/PROTOA (ASGP) (Business)

    Advocate for Decentralization of Sand and Stone Wining Regulations

  1. Association of Small Scale Industries (ASSI) (Business)

    Advocacy for Participation in Policy Formulation and Planning at Regional and District Levels.

  1. Association of Small Scale Industries Kumasi (ASSI) (Business)

    Good business practice for small scale industries

  1. Association of Small Scale Industries- Brong-Ahafo (Business)

    Promoting self-employment and micro businesses in Brong-Ahafo

  1. ASTA-FM (Media)

    Child Labour

  1. Baata Ibu Potters Association (Business)

    Advocacy for the allocation of space and storage facility in Wa central market.

  1. Batik Tie & dye Manufacturing Association of Ghana, Upper West (Business)

    Advocacy for the Standardization of Batik Tie & Dye Products

  1. Batik Tie & Dye Manufacturers' Association of Ghana (Business)

    Quality standards to improve the image (and quality) of the tie and dye products.

  1. Batik Tie & Dye Manufacturers' Association of Ghana - Sunyani (Business)

    Removing trade barriers to the development of the batik Tie & Dye industry.

  1. Batik Tye & Dye and Soap makers Association (Business)

    High quality products fabrics from China and Burkina Faso killing BTDSMA

  1. Bemcom Youth Enterprise Association (Business)

    Advocating for a certified spawn production in Brong-Ahafo, for improved mushroom production.

  1. Birim South Carpenters Association (Business)

    Advocacy for the provision of an industrial village

  1. Bolgatanga Butchers Association (Business)

    Provision of abbator, sanitation and market infrastructure for butchers

  1. Brong Ahafo Blacksmith Association (Business)

    Research to develop the business of local blacksmiths and improve their image

  1. Brong Ahafo Regional Grasscutter Farmers Association. (Business)

    Reducing rural poverty through Grasscutter farming

  1. Brong-Ahafo Petroleum Retailers Association (Business)

    Advocacy against discrimination in land acqusistion for petrol stations

  1. Brong-Ahafo Traditional Healers Association (Business)

    Encouraging Ethical Practises in Herbal Medicine

  1. Cape Coast Kente and Smock Weavers Association of Ghana (Business)

    Advocacy for the Inclusion Of Smock And Kente In PSI For Agoa Benefit

  1. Car Rental Association of Ghana (Business)

    Advocacy for parking space allocation.

  1. Citrus Gowers and Marketers Association, Enyan Denkyira (Business)

    Advocacy For A National Standard Price For Citrus Products

  1. Cloth Sellers Association, Techiman (Business)

    Strengthen Ghanaian Textile Industry in competition with imported second hand cloths and inferior materials.

  1. Coastal Out growers Association (Business)

    Improving market access for the Citrus farmers

  1. Cooperative Maize Sellers and Buyers Association.-Techiman (Business)

    Sanitation at Techiman maim market