Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

About the Actions eligible to the Fund

About the preparation of the Application

  • Why does the application to BUSAC asks so many questions?
    Because BUSAC Fund gives away "free money", not "easy money"! The application form actually Calls for information needed to understand and score your project. It simply helps you provide objective information about your idea, your action and capacity of your organization. This is seen as the best way to ensure transparency and fairness of selection, whatever your size, wherever your location, etc...
  • Could an Application form be handwritten? Your own internal draft can be handwritten, but the official document that you'll send to BUSAC has to be typed. It also has to carefully follow the format provided by BUSAC, to ensure a fair and transparent appraisal process.
  • “To apply, can we use the Sample Application form provided in the sample Application package”?
    It depends on the size of your Action. The Standard Actions (up to almost 1 billion Cedis) cannot use it: they have to be made on the file to be downloaded from the website.

    Small grants (less than 20 million Cedis) can be applied for by using the form provided (without downloading the file, although it is possible to do so, from here): This Simplified Process has been designed to simplify the access to BUASC Fund for small Associations and small Actions: they just need to type-in the answer boxes provided. No handwritten application can be sent, nor other-than-English.
  • Is it mandatory to use the Application forms provided by BUSAC?
    Yes. This will ensure that all the necessary information is provided in a consistent way, so that the appraisal and selection process can be fair and transparent.
  • Is it possible/necessary to apply online, directly on BUSAC Website?
    No, mainly because it takes a rather a lot of time and external information to fill it properly.
    You will have to download the Application package from the Website, and then fill it, using a computer (it is not possible to deliver a handwritten application. See below). The same way, it is not possible to deliver your Application through the Internet: After completion, 2 signed hard copies and a soft copy on a diskette / CD must be delivered (by mail or hand-delivered) to BUSAC Fund within the advertised deadlines, to be considered.
  • Where do I put the answers to the questions asked in the "Grant Application" form?
    Immediately under each question; just insert the answer below each question (just before the following questions.)
  • Can BUSAC Fund Management help prepare Applications?
    BUSAC Fund Management can answer your preliminary questions: mostly about the eligibility of your intended Action, of your organization, and about the BUSAC Fund process.
    For transparency and fairness reasons, BUSAC Management will find it difficult to help you design nor refine your intended Action, because they need to appraise every Application in a competitive way. They will rather propose you get the support of an adequate Service Provider to do so, and tell you about the Outreach Facility, that can pay the support provided to you by a Service Provider to help you design your Action and fill in the Application (up to 1,000 USD-around 9 million Cedis- representing 10% of the a total amount of your intended Action's budget, in case your action has been selected).
  • Can a public Administration help prepare and implement, and be paid for it?
    We appreciate the assistance of Public Sector institutions to disseminate information about BUSAC Fund, as part of their enabling role for the Private Sector. They can help you, but BUSAC Fund being dedicated to strengthening Advocacy Capacity within the Private Sector, only expenses incurred by your Association or its Private Sector Service Providers are eligible for grant.

About the selection process

About Service Providers

Eligibility of Applicants

  • Our Association is member of an "Umbrella" association. If this "Umbrella" association applies to BUSAC, can our Association also apply?
    Yes. Your Association is fully entitled to apply, if for a different Action.
    Usually, the large "Umbrella" Associations deal with wide concerns, while your Association will propose to undertake an action linked to its own concerns.
  • Is it possible to make a "joint-Application" with another Association?
    Yes, It is allowed in so far as both Associations are eligible (they belong to the Private Sector, etc.). It will bear the responsibility of receiving the funds from BUSAC Fund for the implementation and reporting of the joint-Action.
  • “Is an NGO eligible to the Fund?”
    NGO are welcome to help Associations within the Private Sector apply (see eligibility page, as BSPs (Service Providers). NGO's are not eligible applicants by themselves. Their possible expertise in advocacy and their knowledge about the bottlenecks to be removed and other area related to the objectives of BUSAC could strengthen a lot the proposal made by the Applicant they support.
    As a Service Provider, they will be remunerated for their services, so far as their action and budget is described in the Application and remains within the market price.